What You Should Do To Be Laser Hair Removal Appointment Ready?

Essex Laser hair removal from http://wellnessclinic.co.uk/c.php?editid1=123&t=waxing_electrolysis_lase... is an effective method to permanently get rid of unwanted hairs. However, you should also know how to prepare yourself and your skin beforehand for you to get the most out of the treatment.

Try Not To Tan As Much As Possible
Laser hair removal works best in light skin with dark hair. So it would make the treatment more effective if you don’t tan. Stay indoors as much as you can, or put on sunscreen with SPF 15 if you must go out at daytime.

Two To Four Weeks Before Your Laser Hair Removal Schedule, Resist Plucking Or Waxing
Doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Which I’m sure you don’t want.
The Only Time That You Should Shave Is On The Day Instructed By The Technician
In order for the technician to perform the treatment, your hair follicles have to be visible. So you will be instructed to shave a day or two before the session takes place.

Pop The Prescribed Medication Of Your Doctor, If There’s Any
It could be an oral antiviral medication or oral antibiotics.
Make Sure The Area That Will Be Treated Is Clean
It’s important that you bathe or at least washed the area you wish to be treated. Moreover, you can’t apply cosmetics, lotions, creams, or even deodorant on it. You will be asked to wash it out if you did apply something.

Do Not Wear Anything That Will Make The Procedure Difficult
Your skin could be sensitive after a laser hair removal treatment so wearing tight clothing is discouraged. Aside from that, how in the world will the technician treat your underarm or legs if you’re wearing long-sleeved shirt or jeans? You’re gonna have to take them off anyway so why not wear something that won’t hinder the process?

Know That A Topical Anesthetic Cream Or Warm Compressed May Be Applied
This may help reduce any pain that you may feel.

You Will Be Provided A Protective Eyewear
Do not remove it unless you’re done or told so.