The benefits of being exposed to sunlight speak of the sustainability of life itself. This is informed by the fact that plants, which we depend on for food, rely on sunlight to grow. That being the somewhat indirect benefit we get from sunlight, still, as humans, we do directly need sunlight for a number of reasons. The most obvious is how we depend on sunlight for Vitamin D to strengthen our bones.

Indoor Time and Sunlight

As much as exposure to sunlight is important for getting Vitamin D, as humans, we spend most of our working time indoors. Regardless of where we are working from, we are expected to be productive and sunlight plays a major role in that click to find out more. Exposure to sunlight is known to stimulate the release of serotonin, a hormone known to boost our moods while keeping us calm and focused.

Shine on Sunlight

Although most research is not conclusive on how much sunlight we need to be exposed to, exposure to limited amounts of UV radiation is known to treat some skin conditions. Further, exposure to sunlight is associated with the prevention of seasonal depression, which some experience during winter. It’s clear that exposure to sunlight has far-reaching benefits. Inclusion of sunlight in spaces we commonly use, thanks to technology like Parans, is thus recommended.