Employees are valuable assets for every organisation. Their productivity influences the success of a company. Some businesses fail to understand the importance of a healthy workforce in achieving their goals. Most organisations provide health insurance to their workers. But, what good is that insurance if the work environment contributes to the sickness? To increase productivity organisations need to implement programs aimed at promoting a healthy workforce. They need to look beyond health insurance and gym memberships. Investing in the health of your employees has many benefits.

Increased Productivity

A healthy workforce is very productive. Workers who take advantage of wellness programs tend to be focused and yield better results. There is also a decrease in absenteeism meaning there will be fewer disruptions of work. Sick days disrupt the work schedule and can be an inconvenience when you have deadlines to meet. For your company to function optimally, investing in your employees’ health should become a priority.

Employee Retention

A favourable work environment with healthcare programs boosts employee morale. Highly motivated employees are loyal to their employer and will retain their positions for many years. There are several ways a company can show concern for its workforce including having an in-house gym, introducing lunch breaks and snacks. Employees also require enough sunlight in their work stations. The office may have fewer windows for sufficient sunlight throughout the room. However, Parans has a solution. They have come up with a method of distributing sunlight throughout the interior of a building.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Most illnesses are related to lifestyle choices. Therefore, having a comprehensive healthcare program saves your workforce money on sickness not covered by insurance plan. Most wellness packages include regular check-up and advice on healthier life choices. Regular exams detect illnesses early and reduce out-of-the-pocket hospital bills.

It is necessary for employers to invest in health programs if they wish to increase their bottom line and retain top talent.