Most of us regularly complain about how prices keep on increasing while our salaries don’t. We have reason to complain: inflation is indeed something that gradually eats away at our purchasing power, leaving us poorer than before.

Luckily there are two ways in which you can make your money go a lot further: buying in bulk and buying online.

Buying in bulk is such a basic common-sense thing to do that it’s actually strange that not more people are using it to save money. The concept is simple: if you buy one 200g tin of coffee (for example) you are likely to pay a lot more than if you buy ten of the same tins, or perhaps a 2kg tin. Most cities and large towns have wholesalers where you can save a small fortune every month in this way.

Another way of saving money is to buy the same product(s) online. Not everything will be cheaper on the web, but many products are. Once again the principle is simple: in this way you can cut out the middlemen and buy right from the source, or at least from a large wholesaler or distributor.

One only has to look at the prices of brand name smartphones in your local tech store and compare them with what you will pay for a comparable product online to see this in action. Clothing is another example, and also shoes and household items.

One more reason to buy online is when you need something that is not freely available at your locals store, but which can be ordered from an online vendor at a reasonable price.

Let’s say you have developed a liking for particularly strong snus (a moist powder tobacco product that had its origins in a type of dry snuff in Sweden during the early 18th-century). You’re certainly not likely to find it at your local corner store – but there are several reputable online traders selling good quality product at competitive prices.